Monday, April 5, 2010

An idf solution to the project 2 deadline

Some people have asked for an extension for the project. (Based on the mails I am getting, it is also possible that there is a bit of "behind the scenes organization" going on--since the frequency of mails has increased in the last couple of hours).

In extending deadlines at the last minute, my concern always is for those students who probably re-organized their lives to keep up with the announced deadline.  To make sure that these people do not feel penalized, I will do the following:  You can submit the project on Thursday with a flat 20% late penalty (this may look steep compared to zero penalty, but you should compare it to the "infinite" penalty implicit in the concept of "deadline"  and feel blessed ;-).

(If it is indeed the case that the whole class needs the two extra days, then all of you get 20% penalty--and the idf of the penalty will be zero.. )

Please note that projects are due at the *beginning* of the class; resist the temptation to skip class and give the project at the end of the day..


ps: As I mentioned, you will still get partial credit for the earlier parts if you get all parts working by the final deadline.

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