Monday, April 12, 2010

Current snapshot of the grade book


 Attached please find the current snapshot of the 494/598 grade book (posted by your *posting-id*--this is not your student id). It contains the grades for three home works, project 1 and mid-term. I will return homework 3 and midterm in class tomorrow. 

To give you an idea of your relative standing, I also put in total and percentage columns. The total is calculated out of 45--
with 10pts for project 1, 5 points each for the homeworks, and 20 points for mid-term. Note that these weights "approximate" and subject to change. Note that the extra credit is shown but is *not* included in the total.

The percentage column basically converts the raw score out of 45 into a percentage.

The first part--in light green--is the 494 section and the second part in the light red is the 598 section.

Please let me or the TA know if there are any discrepancies you find.

If you have any concerns about your performance please talk to me.


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