Saturday, March 27, 2010

Reviewing topics covered

Here is a hint: For each class, along with the audio links, I had put a reasonably verbose description of topics covered in that class. If you read those descriptions, that should give you a "summary/review" of what happened.

For example, here is the description of what happened in Lecture 10--directly from the notes page

L10 Audio of [Feb 18, 2010] (***THE ADVANCED LSI LECTURE***) Lengthy recap of LSI analysis; discussion of class blog questions; discussion of relation between LSI and feature selection (feature selection looks for just subspaces of existing space); LSI and LDA (LDA takes the "class" information into account LSI doesn't know what classification you might be attempting); LSI and nonlinear dimensionality reduction (one idea is to first blow up the dimensionality and then find a lower-dimensional hyperplane in this blown up space. So, you might go from 20-D to 300-D and come down to 4-D).

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