Tuesday, February 23, 2010

project 1 blues..

The energy level in today's class seemed to be about the same as that in James Ray's Sedona sweat lodge ---
too many sleepy and absent faces.

So I thought a bit of morale boosting is in order. So here goes (only if you need it) :

1. If you are unable to complete project 1, and are contemplating dropping the course because of that, you should get in touch with me first.

2. While it is only reasonable for you to have great anxiety about this class, I prefer that it not be solely grade anxiety.. It might help you to note that there are no fixed cut-offs for letter grades in this class; do not assume the usual 90-80-70 system.  (To the extent I have a choice of making you sweat during the semester vs. after the semester, I prefer the former.)

3. Take part in the mr poll survey you will be getting in  a bit and express any suggestions you may have about the class.


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